• NUTRIMORE – technological fertilizers
    A full range of new fertilizers enhanced with AGROTAIN urease inhibitor.
    Farmers can make the most of their investments in nitrogen as this reaches their
    plants in full.
    The included phosphorus is more than 95% water-soluble and therefore very
    suitable for use by plants. Only water-soluble phosphorus is absorbed by the
    The possibility of dense fertilizer types has the advantage of being used with less
    than 30-50% fertilizer than conventional fertilizer types.
    Possibility to produce custom fertilizers on request.
    Value for money efficiency, increased productivity and guaranteed profit, all in
    The yield potential is increased by at least 10% when using NUTRIMORE
    compared to conventional fertilizers, as demonstrated by the two-year study
    conducted by the University of Thessaly.

  • Directly biodegradable chelating microelements. After releasing the metals from which the plants benefit, ACTIVE IDHA chelated microelements break down. The remaining chelated trace elements usually remain active, thus continuing to bind heavy metals with water or fertilizers from subsequent applications, causing gradual soil degradation, toxic effects, and reduced production. Ideal for direct treatment of deficiency. Suitable for foliar applications, fertilization and hydroponics. Micro-granular, powder-free form, easy to dissolve in water.
  • Complete range of 100% water-soluble raw materials. Suitable for fertilization, hydroponics and foliar application. Particularly pure, easily absorbed by plants and flexible in use.