RUMONT Ltd. – established in 1999, starts its activity within trade and production of spare parts for agricultural machinery and equipment and has shops and warehouses in Rousse, Montana and Dimitrovgrad


We sell water-soluble crystalline fertilizers with IDHA chelated microelements.


Irrigation Reinke. Irrigation and energy Nettuno


Official dealer of Nettuno Irrigazione for Bulgaria


We currently sell spare parts for Russian and Western machinery, combine harvesters, tractors, straw shredders, forage harvesters, cultivators, plows, pumps, fertilizer spreaders, lawnmowers, sprayers, mowers, irrigation equipment, tools, hoses and all for milking units. We do maintenance of the respective machines and the supply of spare parts for each of them. We offer recycling of the equipment as well as additional service to our customers by location, fast response, delivery and repair of the product at sight.

The company works with partners from Greece, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, USA,
Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, France, England, Germany, Slovenia, Poland,
Lithuania and Turkey.

After 2017. we have a new activity in the field of fertilizers for soil and leaf




Our goal is to achieve quality in our customers' maintenance by fully managing their machines and their parts in their full range to reduce costs and service’s time. We pay attention to each customer as an individual case in order to be able to fully fulfill his wishes. So gradually with high quality service we strive for higher successes and new high goals!